Beveled Marker

Bevels are similar to grassers, however, they extend up from the concrete about 4 inches in the front and 6 inches in the rear.  This makes the memorial easier to identify and locate. The sides of the granite can be rock pitched or polished.

Flat Grass Marker

Slants are very similar to monuments other than the leading face is cut at an angle. They can be placed with or without a base, as you prefer.

Monuments come in common shapes and sizes, or can be custom designed. Choose the elegant look of polished sides or create a rustic appearance by leaving the sides rough.

Grassers are laid flat with a concrete border. They are limited in size but have many design options.

Custom Creations

Upright Monuments

Value Monuments



The possibilities are endless when creating a custom monument. These are just a few unique custom stones. We are able to order a custom cut stone, or you can even bring in a stone to be engraved. 

Monument Company