Beveled Marker

Bevels are similar to grassers, except they protrude up out of the concrete about 4 inches in the front and 6 inches in the rear.  This makes the memorial easier to identify and locate. The sides of the granite are rough (rock pitched) or polished.

Flat Grass Marker

Slants are very similar to monuments other than the leading face is cut at an angle. They can be placed with or without a base, as you prefer.

Monuments come in common shapes and sizes, or can be custom designed. Choose the elegant look of polished sides or create a rustic appearance by leaving the sides rough.

Grassers are laid flat with a concrete border. They are limited in size but can have one of our many designs.

Either a custom cut stone from one of our supplying quarries or another of your choice- we can do it all!  Bronze plaques attached to stone, custom cutting and polishing, or sandblasting on site are some of the procedures we can perform to make your piece truely unique.

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for customers.

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